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A complete concept

With more than sixty years of experience, we are able to answer your questions to our best ability. As one of Northern Europe’s largest broaching tool manufacturers, we have a large assembly of machinery to our disposal in Vedevåg, Sweden. We offer a complete concept – with designing and manufacturing of the tools, fixtures and regrinding service as well as subcontract work of your components – all in combination with competent and personalized service.

In addition to this we also cooperate with leading names in the business, where one is German company August Berghaus Company.

Why broaching – why Wedevåg Tools

Broaching provides an optimal solution and meets high demands on precision and over all economy. The broaching process provides high repeatability, a great advantage especially when the production run involves high quantities. With our broaching solutions Wedevåg offers you;

  • Simplicity
    One quote för tool, fixture, subcontract broaching and maintenance of the tool
  • All under one roof
    Large machinery park, competent staff and efficient service
  • Complete concept 
    Construction, manufacturing,  subcontract work and maintenance service

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