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Ultima – High performance drills

The key word during our development of the Ultima drills was precision – at micro level. The drills are made of HSS-Co and coated with Oerlikon-Balzers Alcrona-Pro. By preparating and coating each drill in several stages, the tools gets a hardness and an accuracy, which ultimately provides a fantastic quality when our customers process their material.

The Ultima offers better chip control, faster processing and extraordinary tool life – up to ten times compared to a conventional drill. Price is ofcourse higher, but seen to the over all economy the Ultima wins by far in the long run. It comes as standard in two lenghts, Art. 165-0 Ultima in 6xD and Art. 161-0 Ultima in 2,5xD.

For more info please contact Mr Roger Arvidsson
Wedevåg Tools Sales dept. Sweden

+46 (0) 581- 645 801  Roger.arvidsson@wedevag.se